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Today's websites are more then just static sites that look good. They are places to communicate with your customers and clients. Our goal is to help people and companies dynamically enable their sites for they can better serve their customer needs.

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How did we get started!

VisualTech was started as we saw a need for small to medium size businesses who couldn’t afford or know how to find qualified web developers. We work closely with our clients to learn their business then recommend open source solutions that fits their needs.

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Responsive Design

We love the challenge of buildings websites that look great on all devices.


Everything Joomla, from custom templates to custom built extensions (modules, components).


A website today cannot just look great but must also load fast and be accessible to all.


We offer custom hosting packages to fit your needs as everyone has different requirements.

Some of Our Programming Languages & Tools

VisualTech has been building websites and custom applications for 20+ years. We come from a software development background so we understand what it takes to write clean error free code that performs well. To us a site shouldn't just be beatitful but the code should be too.

We listen to our customers and recommend solutions that fit their requirements vs trying to force a system that doesn't meet their needs 100%. There are lots of different open source systems on the market today. We use Joomla to build a lot of our sites. Joomla is a very popular and flexible open source CMS that fits most clients' needs.

Joomla is not always the best solution for all business needs so we also do web development using straight Bootstrap/jQuery with PHP/MySQL.

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Some examples of areas we could help you with.

  • Bootstrap/jQuery

    Fulling optimized responsive web design using best in class modern practices.

    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery/JavaScript/JSON
    • PHP/MySQL
    • AODA Compliant/WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
  • Joomla

    We love to build anything from small to very large corporate websites using Joomla. We have done everything from starting with purchased templates to save money to fully custom designed templates to meet a client's needs.

  • Custom Joomla Extensions

    Besides building Joomla websites we specialize in building custom extensions to allow for a fully custom looking Joomla site experience.

    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery/JavaScript
    • PHP/MySQL
  • WordPress

    DevOps services to ensure your WordPress installation is maintained and secured.

    • WordPress Administration
  • e-commerce Zen Cart


    We have built many e-commerce websites over the years from simple PayPal integration to full e-commerce websites using Zen Cart.

    • Zen Cart
    • PayPal/Stripe/
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